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App Outlet is a Universal application store inspired by the Linux App Store online service. It allows you to easily search and download [W.I.P] applications that run on most Linux distributions. It currently works with AppImages, Flatpaks and Snaps.



You can get App Outlet by clicking on the following options:

Debian package AppImage Get it from the Snap Store

You can also get the unpacked version here:

Get unpacked version

If your distro doesn’t support the available packages you can dowload and compile the source code following the instructions below.

Who is talking about us?

Runing and building the app

You can run or build App Outlet by yourself. You can build in Linux, Windows or Mac OS but the software install features will work only in linux systems.

Setting up the project

Step 1: Installing system dependencies

You will need the following tools:

Step 2: Clone the repository

git clone
cd app-outlet

Step 3: Installing the project dependecies

npm install

Running the app

npm run start

Building the app

To build for linux run:

npm run electron:linux

This command will generate:

PS: In the future we also will have a Flatpak version

PPS: You can run/build for Windows or MacOS too. But the installing app features will probably not work

Third part stuff: